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Valconn Electronics, Inc.

Valconn Electronics, Inc.

Please disregard UL information contained herein. New UL file numbers are now in effect. Please consult factory for most updated information.


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Compact PCI [pdf]
2.00mm Centerline - Pages 1-5; Series 2CP.
Future Bus EIA [pdf]
Standard 2.00mm - Pages 6-8; Series FM, FF.
USB and IEEE 1394 [pdf]
Universal Serial Bus & Firewire Connectors - Pages 33-34; Series USB, USM, FWC.
DVI Connector [pdf]
Digital Video Interface - Pages 35-36; Series DVI  NOTE: Only Female Connectors are Available.
.050" [1.27] Right Angle & Vertical PCB Mount - Pages 55-56; Series SE, SF, SG, SR, SV.
IC Sockets [pdf]
Dual Inline / Single Inline - Page 68; Series IC, SI.
DIN 41612 Connectors [pdf]
Types - R / C / B / Q / Half-R / Half-B - Page 9; Series D2, D3, DH, DS.
Stereo Jack 2.50mm / 3.00mm [pdf]
Compact PC Board Mount Jack - Pages 71-72; Series SJ.
DC Power Jack [pdf]
PC Board & Panel Mount - Pages 69-70; Series PJ.
Mini DIN & DIN Jack [pdf]
PC Board Mount - Pages 73-74; Series DJB, DJF, DJS, DJT, MDD, MDR, MDS, MJV.
AC Power Outlet [pdf]
IEC 320 Power Connectors - Pages10-12; Series ACP.
Terminal Blocks [pdf]
5mm EURO Blocks Standard / Micro /Lever Actuated - Page 18; Series T1, T2, T3, T4.
Barrier Strips [pdf]
.250' / .325" / .375" Centerline - Pages 15-17; Series BS, BS2.
Power Cord Sets [pdf]
North American / European / Custom Cord Sets - Pages 13-14; Series PC.
RF Connectors [pdf]
BNC / MINI / UHF / SMA /SMB /MCX / MMCX - Pages 19-22; Series RF.
Power Header [pdf]
.156” [3.96] Centerline with Locking Feature Option - Page 101; Series PHK.
Hardware & Accessories [pdf]
D-Sub Hardware & Hoods / Barrier Strip Accessories - Pages 52-53; Series HD.


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