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Electro-Stock, Inc., an independent distributor of electronic/electrical components and controls, understands the importance and is aware of the European RoHS compliance deadline of July 1, 2006.
Electro-Stock, Inc. is not a manufacturer of electronic components, nor does it manufacture any items that may be applicable to the European RoHS compliance program initiative. Because of this, Electro-Stock, Inc. does not have any control over the chemical content that is used in the composition and manufacture of the electronic components it provides for resale. The chemicals that are used in the electronic components we provide (or in the manufacturing process of the components we provide) are completely at the sole discretion of the original manufacturer, and may be considered intellectual property. Therefore, the responsibility of defining RoHS compliance for any of the products we provide, as well as certifying the chemical content of these products, lies solely on the manufacturer of these products.
Electro-Stock, Inc. will certify and promise that WE DO NOT ADD any RoHS materials to the products we supply.
If you have any questions or comments on this statement, please contact us in writing.

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Important: We have attempted to present the information about our vendor's products on this website in a straight-forward manner. We offer this information as accurate at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Electro-Stock, Inc. is not responsible for inadvertent errors.

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