Power Dynamics - Interconnect - USB/1394 Connectors

Power Dynamics, Inc. manufactures a complimentary line of interconnect products for low voltage board to board, board to cable and cable to cable applications. A wide variety of D-sub miniature, USB, 1394 firewire, mini-din, DIN, SCART, RCA, pin header, power pin, and D.C. power jack connectors are available. Tele-communication connectors include single and multiple port RJ11, RJ25 and RJ45. Connector options include, shielding, printed circuit, panel and surface mount.

USB-FA1RP31 [pdf]
Single Port Type A.
USB-FA1SP31 [pdf]
Single Port Type A.
USB-FA2RP31 [pdf]
USB Type A 2Port With PCB Terminals.
USB-FB1SS31 [pdf]
Female Type B With PCB Terminals.
USB-MB1SS31 [pdf]
Male Type B With Solder Terminals.
FC-FRP21 [pdf]
IEEE 1394 Firewire.