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American Electrical

Terminal Blocks, Enclosures, Ferrules
 & Tools

Andon Electronics

Sockets, Interconnects

Blockmaster Blocks

Terminal Blocks, PCB & Chassis Mount.

Century Interconnects

Sockets, Interconnects, D-Subs, Tele


Terminal Blocks, Enclosures, Ferrules
& Tools.


Terminal Blocks, DIN Rail Interface Modules.


DIN Rail, Brackets, Struts, Fuse Holders, DIN Rail Cutting Tools and Accessories.

Feller, LLC

Power Cords, IEC

GC Electronics

Computer/Datacom, Fiber Optics, Telephone, Audio, Video, Connectors, Surge/UPS Systems, Chemicals, Printed Circuits, Tools, Switches, Panel Lamps, LED's, Wire.

GE Power Protection

Div GE Consumer & Industrial, Thru Vynckier Controls - Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Switches, Relays, Overload Relays


DIN Rail, Wire Duct, Wire Management.

Mega Electronics

Power Cord Sets and Power Cords, Assembled Plugs and Connectors, Cordage, AC Inlets/Outlets, Accessory Power Distribution.

Oslo Switch

Switches - Rocker, Pushbutton, Toggle, Circuit Breaker, Keylock, Indicator Lights.


Rocker Switches, Toggle Switches, Pushbutton Switches, Slide Switches, Snap Action Switches, Water Proof Switches, Rotary Switches, Tactile Switches, Circuit Breakers.


Relays: Electro-mechanical, Automotive, General Purpose, S.S., Reed, Sockets.

Power Dynamics

Connectors, Fuse Holders, Power Cords, EMI Line Filters, AC Receptacles.

Qualtek Electronics

Power Cords, EMI Line Filters, AC Receptacles, AC & DC Fans, Fan Accessories, Cable Assemblies.

Ravenscroft / Betaduct

Wire Duct.

Enclosures: S.S., Aluminum, Polymide, ABS, Handheld, Instrumentation, Extrusions; Cable Glands
Valconn Electronics, Inc.
Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Power Cords, Jacks and Headers.
Non-Metallic Enclosures

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