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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Do you sell to individuals? We do not sell retail. We only sell to OEM's and other Distributors.
  2. Can I order on-line? We do not have an on-line store with a shopping cart. Please call in your order or email.
  3. Do you ship outside the USA? We ship only to Mainland USA.  For Canada we require a GST Number and a FEDEX, UPS or DHL Account number for Freight and Duty Collect.
  4. How do you ship? We ship via UPS (preferred). Fedex and Customer's Carriers are shipped Freight Collect on customer's provided account.
  5. How can I set up an account with terms? Go to our Terms Page and download our credit application. We require a Bank Reference and three Trades with Fax Numbers.
  6. Can you cross part numbers from other manufacturers? We can cross most standard electrical and electronic components that are compatible with our franchised offerings. Providing a drawing or specification will speed up the cross process.
  7. What Credit Cards do you accept?  We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards.
  8. Do you have a Minimum Order?  $100.00 Minimum Billing or Manufacturer’s Minimum. Whichever is greater.


Important: We have attempted to present the information about our vendor's products on this website in a straight-forward manner. We offer this information as accurate at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Electro-Stock, Inc. is not responsible for inadvertent errors.

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