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Century Interconnect - D-Subminiature

Century Interconnect Products - D-Subminiature

Press-fit, DIP Solder.




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D-Sub Specifications
C1DA Series
Right Angle, .318 Footprint
C1DA Series
Mounting Options 

C1DB Series
Right Angle, .590 Footprint  

C1DC Series 
Right Angle, .370 Footprint
C1DD Series
Right Angle, .200 Footprint
C1D1 Series
Right Angle, .100 Footprint
C1D2 Series
Right Angle, .065 Footprint
C2D 78 Series
Right Angle, High Density, 78 Position
C2D 15 Series
Right Angle, High Density, VGA
C2D2 15 Series
Right Angle, 15 Position High Density, .047 Footprint
C3D Series
Dual Port
C3DA Series
D-Sub with Audio Jacks
C3DH Series
Dual Port, High Density
C3DMH Series
Dual Port, Standard D-Sub Upper High Density, 15 Position Lower
Dual Port, 25 Position, D-Sub Over 50 Position SCSI
C3DT Series
Stacked Assembly with Three Standard D-Subs
Stacked Assembly with Standard and High Density D-Subs
C4D Series
High Density Crimp Contact
C5D Series
High Density, Straight PCB Mount
C5DH Series
High Density, High Profile, Straight PCB Mount
C6D Series
High Density, Solder Cup
C8D Series
Straight PCB Mount
C8D1 Series
Straight PCB, Flat Mount Low Profile
C8DH Series
Straight PCB, High Profile
C9D Series
Solder Cup
C11D Series
Right Angle, Machined Contacts
C18D Series
Surface Mount, Right Angle
Surface Mount, 15 Position, High Density
112D Series
Straddle Mount, with Mounting
Straight PCB Mounted D-Sub Hardware Options


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